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P1ZZ4 Guy
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Original YTMND:
by BTape
January 07, 2007
Worthy Spinoffs:

Fad status

User BTape started the P1ZZ4 Guy fad in early January of 2007. Several of them were popular, making top viewed and having good ratings overall. The new P1ZZ4 Guy sites since have been quite successful as well. The P1ZZ4 Guy fad became really popular when sark76 donated $17.18 to a popular P1ZZ4 Guy site that was on top viewed, boosting its popularity further. The fad generally involves a Pizza Hut delivery guy with weird creatures (like the Domino's Pizza Noid) and a sound clip of comedian Donnell Rawlings saying "WHOA! He stole that guy's PIZZAS!" in Spider-Man 2. Rawlings is known as the "WHOA Guy" in the fad. In addition, two notes which can be heard at the very end of the clip are collectively referred to as "chord" and used for subtle comedic effect. The sounds used for the remixes come from this classic style site by State-of-Mind, containing Rawlings' scene from the movie.

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