Blast Processing
Blast processing
Original YTMND:
Blast Processing  
by starpath 
February 3, 2018  
Worthy spinoffs:

Blast Processing is the name of a fad based on Sega's 1993 Sega Genesis commercial, which is iconic for coining the term "Blast Processing". While the first YTMND using the commercial has created by the user hohohomer in April of 2012, the site went relatively unnoticed, and only received votes and views after the fad started getting popular. In fact, the commercial only reached fad status in February of 2018, when user starpath created a YTMND featuring the advertisement.

The fad typically uses the gif used by starpath on the original site, but when the cartridge is inserted into the Genesis, either a scene other than the original commercial plays, or an image is added, covering up the cartridge.

The first spin-off using a different scene was actually the first spin-off of the entire fad, created by user kbimbatti22. When the commentator says "so what does Blast Processing even do?", it switches to a scene from the Angry Video Game Nerd's review on the NES unlicensed game "Little Red Hood", where he says that it does nothing. This edit was often sourced in future edits.

The first spin-off using an image to cover up the cartridge was actually the second spin-off, created by user Jakku. It used the foot doctor to cover the cartridge when it is inserted into the console, implying that the foot doctor is checking to see what Blast Processing even does.

The fad got few derivatives, but most of the few got high scores and stayed on "Up and Coming" for long periods of time.