Banned (fad)
Banned Idiot!
Original YTMND:
You're banned idiot!  
by max 
March 27, 2005  
Worthy spinoffs:
Used Music:
Banned is a popular fad based on max's site from 2005, titled You're banned idiot! which featured Ray Charles behind text that read "Perma Banned" on loop. The site was coupled with the song Ray Charles - Road Jack. The purpose of the site was so that all banned ISPs would get redirected there, where they would get told that they were banned and that they "CAN'T SEE SHIT!". 

The Song

The song that accompanies the is the R&B title "Ray Charles - Road Jack", specifically, the intro to the remastered version. The song also spawned a similar fad, Hit the Road, Jack.

The Fad

On March 27th, 2005, max created a site that would serve as a direct for when a banned user would attempt to view content on YTMND. 

Soon after, users would create sites with the same audio, but couple with a ban notification from a different website or game. The first of these websites was based on 4chan, titled You are banned ;_;

Sites under this fad were often criticized for being low effort, as most of the examples are simple screenshots of notifications of being banned coupled with max's audio. There are however many examples of unique edits, such as You're Banned, Vadre.

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